Phenolic Sheet Purchasing Tips

Phenolic sheet has a wide range of advantages and commonly found in manufacturing. As another choice instead of acrylic, it becomes popular because of impressing resistance to bending.

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It is flexible and strong. The flat plate of phenolic sheet could be applied as tables for some electric saws and pick of guitars. The procedure of making the sheet must pass some technical process through impregnating the core material like fabric or paper with certain amount of resin. It is then continued with cartelization. The sheet is durable and hard because it is carefully designed with certain range of pressure and heat to glass or paper cloth which is impregnated with manufactured resin.

Talking about phenolic sheet will bring more closely to the lamination layers which are usually made of cotton fabrics, glass fabrics, and synthetic yarn fabrics. When the layers get certain rank of heat, it triggers chemical reaction which is called as polymerization. This process changes the layers into high quality laminated plastic. The phenolic sheet has some advantages which bring it into popular sheet in manufacturing. The sheet has great dielectric strength and excellent machinability. No burden to hold this material since it is lightweight. It stands against high temperature and resists chemical reactions and corrosions.

Besides, fine mechanical operation plus the stability of dimension support benefits side owned by the sheet. It also has low humidity absorption. Where are the phenolic sheet usually applied? Some appliances like switches, bearings, terminal boards, gears, transformers, wear strips, Industrial Laminates and so on. As what it is usually called, the sheet is called phenolic because it is made from the combination of aldehyde and phenol. Manufacture needs this type of material because it meets the demand of strong and stiff material which is also flexible so that it withstands from high bending. The use of phenolic material can be applied for making moldings as what is seen on binder, bearings and insulations.

Phenolic is a symbolic term of any type of phenols which look similarly with the alcohol because it takes part of hydrocarbon classes. The phenolic sheet also varies. It comes from a wide range of compounds which is mostly found as heat agent in hot chili peppers. Moreover the sheet is designed by uniting phenol with certain amount of aldehydes. Yet the use of formaldehyde in the phenolic formaldehyde resin is more popular than other standard uses.  The sheet makes new reputation as the first manufactured resin which is sold under the brand of Bakelite Company. In fact, Resin which is broadly applied in various industries comes from the combination of organic agent with phenol.

The phenolic sheet come with some beneficial features such as multiple pliers of any papers which can be impregnated with the phenolic resins, laminated under high temperature and certain pressure. In fact, usually both resin and papers can be altered to make differentiation with some final materials of last process of laminate. It comes with automatic isolation, thermal and electrical insulation materials which fit or surpass the thermoplastic materials. The phenolic sheet also can be applied in oil transforming.


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