Phenolic Material Simplified

Phenolic material is what we are going to elaborate more. It is actually a resin which comes from the mix of aldehyde and phenol. This material is able to fulfill the necessity of stiff materials to make moldings for designing particular products such as insulation, binder and bearing.

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It is almost the same as alcohol and becomes part of hydrocarbon group. It can be used to describe more about group of phenols. The compound of this material can be found anywhere starting from heat taste of chili peppers (dopamine) to cresol (creosote).  When we refer to phenolic material, it will bring certain combination of chemical compound which brings to stiff material which is highly demanded for production.

Phenolic material or what we specifically call as Phenolic resins are designed from the combination of phenol with aldehydes. The most widely use in productuin is phenolic resin which is made of formaldehyde. The phenolic resin is initially developed as the first manufactured resin which is produced under the holding of Bakelite. The most chemical compound mostly used in the formaldehyde which comes from the combination of some organic compounds with Phenol to design new composition of resins that are broadly used in Industry.

The phenolic material has wide function on daily basis. It is preferable especially for consumer fittings. The use of this material can be seen on some electronic appliances. You can see the plugs on every electrical device. They mostly used phenolic material as main material for designing plugs. Another example of Phenolic function is the handle for pans and pots, they are needed for creating strong and form product with light weight. The affordability and simplicity are main reasons why it becomes favorite for any producers to create high quality plastic product. When you are looking for affordable plastics which are strong and firm, the phenolic already understood its necessity and fulfilled your demand.

As binding age, the phenolic material is recurrently used to grab together the composite woods such as plywood and chipboard. Even though the use of phonelic tends to fragility, it is good enough for resisting heat over 370 degree of Fahrenheit. It reduces the amount of smoke which is out.  For insulation, it also brings efficacy in use because it is easy to set up and affordable that makes it preferable for many uses. The phenolic compound comes with high thermal mass which brings to firm and thermal insulator. Compared to other insulating solutions, it is lower than standard insulation in cost.

The phenolic material will also refer to material sheet which substitute the use of acrylic. Toward flexing, it shows high resistance and firm. In electric saws, the phenolic sheet applies as table. The phenolic material also can be found in flooring mats and specific guitars. The impregnation of core material (fabric or paper) with resin and the catalyzing process will bring to last process of designing phenolic sheet. Because of high function on some specific appliances, it will go to step where the phenolic compound is highly demanded.


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