Clear Epoxy Resin Uses Types

The detail instruction about the process of making the clear epoxy resin is going to be explained more here. It is about the counter tops and will be closely related to the application of clear epoxy resin to protect the counter tops for too much wear.

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When installation, the instruction guide and careful planning will make sure perfect application and guarantee stain-free. The object of clear epoxy resin application will be protected from chipping and always look new in upcoming years. The counter tops will be protected from stain and chipping and stay fresh from the oven. Once more the resin keeps the counter top from damage.

In the process of clear epoxy resin, there are some materials required for perfect installation. First, you should prepared several type of epoxy brushes based on size. When installation is done, it will be important to prepare the things out. An epoxy roller should be there but it is not a must. When you see the counter top is big enough, the use of epoxy roller then goes to a must to prepare. The roller tray and hardener also should be there for completing the prepared materials. Some other things to be prepared are paper, cloth, disposable plastic container, wooden stick, masking tape, fan, goggles and gloves.

Take masking tape, cloth and newspaper on the surface area to make sure that it has been protected from the clear epoxy resin. Some areas which may not be exposed with the resin should be protected with the use of three materials. Just leave the surface part of counter top. This step is just to prevent the difficulty of removing the epoxy after it gets dried.  What’s more, it is okay to apply epoxy resin do it yourself yet make sure you have been protected well with safety equipment. The epoxy resin is hard to clear up from clothes therefore it is necessary to use working clothes. Goggle and respirator are also required to make sure the respiratory and optical system protected well.

Working in ventilated space is recommended to let smooth air flow. Due to the fact that the fumes of clear epoxy resin is harmful for respiratory, it is better to take place where the air flow run smoothly. Do not forget to wear the gloves and throw it out once the installation is done. After all safety equipments have been put on. Mix the hardener with the epoxy resin in plastic disposable container and make sure they have been in appropriate measure. The wooden sticks are needed to blend the two compounds into perfectly mixed. Slowly but sure, the mixing will result better.

Pour the blend into tray and use roller for applying on the counter top. The brush is needed to make the clear epoxy resin spreads excellently and make sure it is applied evenly on the counter top. Once the process is done, the epoxy will be dry out within more than a day. Before removing the covered area, make sure the epoxy is totally dry. The second clear epoxy resin application can be done if desired. It is effective to make sure the counter top goes in well protection from damage and heavy use.


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