Phenolic Resin | Features And Applications

The phenolic resin gains popularity among manufacturers since it has a lot of benefits which can be taken as good value in manufacturing. The phenolic resin basically has great dielectric strength and really lightweight. Never worry, it will not burden yours.

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Besides the phenolic has fine machin-ability and also endure from any harsh weather and extreme temperature. The use of resin also can be applied to stand against chemical and corrosion and provide fine automatic strength as well as stability of dimension. Furthermore, the phenolic resins have its unique characteristic of low humid absorption.

Related to manufacturing, the phenolic resin can be applied on various parts such as bearings, wear strips, terminal boards, switches, washers, industrial lamination, gaskets, transformers, machining parts, and gears. As a point of fact, the phenolic resin is dense fabrication which is designed by using pressure and heat to cloth of glass or paper layers. Talking about industrial lamination, the layers are made of unwoven fabrics, synthetic yarn fabrics, cotton fabrics, unwoven fabrics and glass fabrics. These materials are effective enough to support industrial lamination. Normally when the pressure and heat are used at once to layers, subsequently chemical reactions force the layers into one and become united.

Actually the phenolic material is rare to use by common people since the cost of this product gets higher. There are two other factors which decrease popularity of phenolic resin among customers: first is the brittle nature and the second one is the convolution of production. However certain manufacturing still need the resin as basic materials for certain properties such as saucepan handles, switches, and molded disc and brake cylinders. What’s more, the phenolic resin still plays role in manufacturing with its high functionality.

Back to the making process of phenolic resin, it is actually a mix of chemical compounds: aldehyde and phenol. From this mix, it is then later called as phenolic resin. This material is used when the stiff and rigid materials are required especially to make moldings for customer satisfactions. In addition, the resin is also applied as basic term to figure out whole class of phenols. In fact, they are hydrocarbon groups which are almost same to alcohol. The phenolic chemical compound is various indeed and starting from the hot taste of chili peppers to cresols. The use of phenolic sheet is much better than stating phenolic.

At the final stage, the phenolic resin is really versatile with a diversity of functions. Therefore it is really reasonable to consider it as major material in manufacturing. For covering your valuable properties, it is better to apply the phenolic resin to stand against harsh weather and extreme temperature. Your belongings will be protected well and durable. There is no need to worry about disturbing chemical compound as well as fragility. The phenolic sheet comes up as solution to avoid corrosion and damage of properties. As what it said, the appearance of the resin is almost same as alcohol but it much stiffer and sturdier.


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